NTNU UB er på plass i Praha

Om et par timers tid (kl 1630) skal Lene og Ru snakke ved ELAG 2011 i Praha. Tittelen deres er Linked data in action. Foredraget overføres på denne adressen: http://server3.streaming.cesnet.cz/ntk-1/


Linked data is often seen as a good idea, but all to often the approach is academic — a research exercise. Just publishing some data is not enough, libraries need to show RDF and linked data are good platforms for delivering information to advanced interfaces in order to justify the work being done to funding bodies, management and users.

NTNU University Library has concentrated on using linked data as a platform for information different kinds including classification systems, controlled vocabularies, document metadata, subscription metadata and authorities (in collaboration with BIBSYS).

These data are used in production systems intended for users, including a MeSH translation and search tool, a journals portlet, a portal for unique scanned historical materials among other things.

We want to show our international colleagues what we have been doing and how we are doing it, and share ideas about how to create distributed data set for use in production systems.

Forøvrig rapporterer Ru om ELAG-konferansen på sin blogg: http://brinxmat.posterous.com/tag/elag2011!


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